At GMI Group, we have changed the designing and building processes
for hangars and commercial complex,
that is possible because we have been focused on
patented building systems.

We began with a commercial complex in San Juan del Río, Querétaro. Currently we have our corporate offices in Mexico City and the manufacture workshop is located in San Juan del Río, Querétaro, only 45 minutes away. Our projects are built all over Mexico, that is the main reason why we have committed ourselves to expand our products globally.

We have a productive area of over 80,000 m2. We produce more than 12,000 tons a year.

About About

At GMI Group, we care very much for customer service, we make efforts so you can enjoy the experience by assuring you that any project will be ready right on time. We will watch the development of your projects closely, from the design concepts to the final product, in order to give you only the best quality.


We focus on designing
the best
MRO and FBO hangars with the highest technology, building and design of the best class.

Our products are number one
on resistence and quality.

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